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SCLSNJ Strategic Plan

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Community Survey

Our Community Survey is still open for your input. Tell us about the kind of community you want to live in and what library services are important to you. We'll be using that data to craft the framework for our new Strategic Plan. We plan to release the framework in the first week of September, ... read more about Community Survey

Gathering Input

With a lot of help from Library patrons and residents, the Library has been gathering meaningful data about our communities' needs and priorities. Much of the information so far has come from our Community Conversations, a series of focus groups that allow people to share their feelings about the kind of communities in which ... read more about Gathering Input

Setting Strategic Priorities

Our new strategic plan will be made up of two areas: core services and strategic priorities. Our core services will be the things that are the library's "bread and butter. " Examples include circulating popular materials, providing public computers and wifi, early literacy activities, etc. Strategic priorities will be determined based on the feedback we ... read more about Setting Strategic Priorities

Community Conversations

One of the most important ways we’ll be gathering information for our strategic planning is through a series of Community Conversations. We’ll be pulling together small groups of people to talk about what their hopes and aspirations are for their communities, and then we’ll look for the ways the Library can help make a difference ... read more about Community Conversations

SCLSNJ Strategic Planning

The Somerset County Library System of New Jersey is working on a new strategic plan! We're using the Dynamic Planning Model from the Public Library Association. This process starts from the idea that our services should be based on the community's needs. We'll gather demographic and survey data about our communities, but we'll also ... read more about SCLSNJ Strategic Planning

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