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#MythbustingMondays: Monday, June 29

Explore how to avoid misinformation and how to determine the veracity of information found on the web. UNESCO: Stop COVID-19 Disinformation at the Root with Media and Information Literacy: Expert: Six Essential Media Literacy Skills for COVID-19 and Other Crises: How to Spot Fake News: COVID-19 Edition: Facebook Gave Tips ... read more about #MythbustingMondays: Monday, June 29

#WeCountWednesdays: Wednesday, June 24

COVID-19 has caused confusion in counting college students in the correct location. Many parents are counting their children as living at home because semesters were cut short and students moved home prior to April 1 (Census Day). Here are two facts that will help you determine where to count your college student. Students ... read more about #WeCountWednesdays: Wednesday, June 24

#MythbustingMondays: Monday, June 22

There are more than 100 vaccines under development, with nine of them already in human clinical trials. COVID-19 (coronavirus) Vaccine:  Get the Facts: https:// Anthony Fauci on COVID-19 Reopenings, Vaccines, and Moving at ‘Warp Speed:' Volunteers Sign Up to Put their lives on the Line for a Coronavirus Vaccine: A COVID-19 ... read more about #MythbustingMondays: Monday, June 22

#MythbustingMondays: Monday, June 15

100 days have passed. Doctors and scientists are still learning about COVID-19. There are facts we know; such as COVID-19 is a virus and not a bacterial infection and that thermal scanners can not detect the virus. Knowledge is power. Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Advice for the Public: Myth Busters - Fact Check: ... read more about #MythbustingMondays: Monday, June 15

#WeCountWednesdays: Wednesday, June 10

Did you know it is necessary to complete a Census survey for all properties in New Jersey, including seasonal homes? NJ Census 2020 needs your help to spread the word and get NJ's count numbers up, especially in shore and vacation home communities. For any property you own but only use part of ... read more about #WeCountWednesdays: Wednesday, June 10

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