Our catalog uses a powerful search engine to return relevant results based on your search terms. Over time it learns what people are looking for, so that it returns better and better results as you teach the catalog what you wish to find and when.

Although basic searching does a great job, sometimes you may want a little more control. Use these shortcuts and tips in our catalog to power up your searching.

Author search au:patterson
Title search ti:harry potter
title:the secret
Subject search su:dogs
subject:civil war
Series search se:discworld
seriestitle:paw patrol
ISBN search isbn:9780738213804
Date search [2014 TO 2015]

You can combine any of these shortcuts with other keywords by using Boolean operators – AND, OR and NOT. Make sure these words are in ALL CAPS.

You can also use an asterisk (*) as a wildcard in searching, and (~) to get results that are spelled similarly to your search terms.

If you just want to see all of a certain kind of material, try keywords like “dvd,” “fiction,” “blu-ray,” “cd book,” “overdrive,” and “video games.”


I want to find all of the DVDs with Julia Roberts in them.
julia roberts dvd
I want books from the last three years about dogs.
subject:dogs AND [2016 TO 2018] NOT dvd