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Campusland by Scott Johnston

//Campusland by Scott Johnston

Campusland by Scott Johnston

Campusland by Scott Johnston

Reviewed by Melissa Banks and Joanne Sheats, Peapack-Gladstone branch

A snarky look at campus life at a fictional Ivy league-like university.

Eph Russel, Assistant English Professor, can’t believe he’s working at Devon University, a prestigious private college. He’s dating the university president’s assistant, up for tenure, and seems like a shoe in for the position. But  when some students object to certain sections of Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn, which he’s teaching in his American Lit class, his perfect life begins to unravel.

Then comes the Title IV, charge and all heck breaks loose.

Eph faces diverse student groups and old guard alumni, everyone scheming to upset the next for the sake of their own agendas.

 Very impolitic and very funny. A satirical look at higher education.

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