The Mysterious Mornings group met this morning and talked about their favorite mysteries featuring members of the British police force. 
Here is the list of group favorites listed by author and sleuth:
  • Alexander, Bruce (Sir John Fielding)
  • Bruen, Ken (Inspector Brant)
  • Crombie, Deborah (Duncan Kincaid)
  • Dexter, Colin (CI Morse)
  • Fowler, Christopher (Bryant & May)
  • George, Elizabeth (Thomas Lynley)
  • Granger, Ann (Mitchell & Markby)
  • Griffiths, Elly (Nelson & Galloway)
  • Grimes, Martha (Inspector Jury)
  • Harrod-Eagles, Cynthia (Bill Slider)
  • Hayder, Mo (Jack Caffery)
  • Hill, Reginald (Dalziel & Pascoe)
  • Hill, Susan (Simon Serrailler)
  • James, Bill (Harpur & Iles)
  • James, P.D. (Adam Dalgliesh)
  • James, Peter (Roy Grace)
  • La Plante, Lynda (Anna Travis)
  • Malliet, G.M. (DCI St. Just)
  • Marsh, Ngaio (Roderick Alleyn)
  • Perry, Anne (Thomas Pitt)
  • Perry, Anne (William Monk)
  • Rendell, Ruth (Reginald Wexford)
  • Robinson, Peter (Alan Banks)
  • Todd, Charles (Ian Rutledge)
Interested in joining a Mysterious Mornings discussion?  A list of suggested authors and titles are available at the Bridgewater Library and books will be on display about a month prior to the discussion.  (If you’re a voracious mystery reader you can read more than one!)  Our next theme/subgenre is Cooking Up a Mystery.
If it’s a mystery and the main character works with food or drink, then it fits this month’s subgenre.  Just keep in mind how the main character’s profession affects the mystery because that’ll be a major talking point at our discussion in May.  (The meeting will be on Wednesday, May 9th at 9:30am at the Bridgewater Library.)