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Brilliance by Marcus Sakey

//Brilliance by Marcus Sakey

Brilliance by Marcus Sakey

Brilliance by Marcus Sakey

It all started in 1986.  In that year 1% of the humans born had special gifts, these are the abnorms.  One abnorm “broke” the stock market racking up a fortune of over $300 billion by finding a pattern and a way to exploit it.  Another can walk through rooms without being seen, conveniently appearing where others aren’t looking.  Yet another can interpret the slightest movements of your eyes and limbs to know what you’ll be doing next and even what you’re thinking.

Cooper is an abnorm.  He is also a member of Equitable Services.  He hunts down abnorms who are using their gifts against the populace, these terrorists with an edge.  John Smith killed 73 innocent people in a crowded Washington D.C. restaurant years ago.  A new terrorist attack has just claimed over 1,000 lives and John Smith may be involved.  Cooper will do anything to get Smith.  Anything.

This is a really interesting alternate universe and the author has written a great thriller set there.  What would it be like to be normal when the abnorms are so much better?  Is there still equality and can there be?  Should the abnorms be tracked and treated as “other”?  Should they be allowed to live their lives just like the normals?  There are so many interesting questions brought up in the story while Cooper is hunting down a terrorist and basically having the world he thought he knew turned on its head. 

There will be a sequel, and I’m looking forward to it.
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