Books to Screen 

Borrowed by Linda Tripp, collection development librarian

“Kirkus Reviews” recently shared a list of “Hot” books headed to the screen. The one I’m most anticipating is Guillermo del Toro’s stop-motion animated feature “The Buried Giant,” an adaptation of Kazuo Ishiguro’s novel of the same name. A few of these are already in production, but most do not have announced release dates, so we’ll need to be patient. The most challenging part of viewing these could be access, as many of us may not have subscriptions to the paid services. Kind of makes one miss the good old days when movies were released in theaters or shown on free TV — but at least we have books! 

Here are 10 titles to read before viewing on the big or little screen:

Actress Annette Bening has reportedly signed on to star in the upcoming limited series on the streaming network Peacock, based on Moriarty’s novel that looks at marriage, sibling rivalry, and the lies we tell others and ourselves.

A feature film based on King’s novel about a hired killer with one last shot at redemption is said to be in the works, produced by J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot and Leonardo DiCaprio’s Appian Way. 

No release date yet, but an adaptation of the novel about lost memories, love, revenge and war will air on Netflix as a stop-motion animated feature from creative genius Guillermo del Toro.

Ava ​​DuVernay directs a star-studded cast in this feature film adaptation of Wilkerson’s acclaimed book chronicling racism in America today through various social, economic, and cultural strands. 

U.K. horror master Rob Savage is set to direct this modern horror story, which follows a pop culture journalist and supernatural skeptic making a documentary about the occult. 

Nicole Kidman is said to be starring in this limited series to air on HBO, in this exploration of power, class, race, domesticity, motherhood, and madness.

Shondaland is developing a miniseries for Netflix using Brower’s behind the scenes examination of the White House as source material. The series will venture firmly into the fictional realm, as evidenced by the official Netflix synopsis of the series: “132 rooms. 157 suspects. One dead body. One wildly eccentric detective. One disastrous State Dinner. The Residence is a screwball whodunnit set in the upstairs, downstairs, and backstairs of the White House, among the eclectic staff of the world’s most famous mansion.”

Documentary filmmaker and cinematographer Kirsten Johnson will direct Kristen Stewart in her role as the iconoclastic and prolific essayist, novelist, and critic in this adaptation of Moser’s biography .

The film adaptation of this Latin Noir thriller, considered one of the most important Latin American novels of the century, will be written and directed by Roberto Bentivegna, who recently wrote the screenplay for “House of Gucci.”

Netflix won an extremely competitive bidding war and will adapt Silvera’s bestselling teen novel into a series. With Chris Van Dusen (one of the creators of the uber-popular “Bridgerton” series) on board, this will be one not to be missed.