Bob’s Favorite Horror Books of 2022

Created by Bob Helmbrecht, collection development librarian

This year featured a great variety of horror books, from barrio noir, to the Southwestern Gothic, retellings of classic works, psychological horror, and new takes on vampires. Check out some of my favorite horror titles of 2022.

Two siblings encounter an otherworldly force that possesses one of them on a cross-country road trip. They are forced to fight for their lives as they’re pursued across the American Southwest by malevolent forces both supernatural and terribly human.

In this debut mosaic of Southwestern Gothic Horror tales, a primordial goddess awakens deep within the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. The mountain hungers for revenge as invaders leave her emaciated with their greed and brutality. She cries out for blood, infusing the minds of those who do not belong-twisting them outwardly into the dark forms of their true intentions.

When the arrival of Eduardo Lizalde sets in motion a dangerous chain of events, Carlota Moreau finds her carefully constructed world falling down around her as passion is ignited in the sweltering heat of the jungle where a motley group of monstrosities await.

Agreeing to one final job–hijacking a cartel’s cash shipment before it reaches Mexico–hitman Mario, to salvage what’s left of his family, travels across the border and back with two other men whose hidden motivations are laid bare alongside nightmarish encounters that defy explanation.

Inheriting a decrepit farmhouse on a 1,000 acres of old pine forest, Nellie escapes her abusive marriage, but she and her 11-year-old son Max soon discover things might actually be worse as something ancient and hungry emerges from the soil with the power to corrupt hearts and destroy souls.

  • Jackal” by Erin E. Adams

In this debut novel, a Black woman returning to her Rust Belt hometown for a wedding uncovers a sinister pattern of black girls going missing from the area when her friends’ daughter disappears from the reception, leaving behind only a bloody piece of fabric.

After Laura, her venomous and cruel mother-in-law, takes her own life, Abby is terrorized by a force intent on destroying everything she loves and, to free her husband from his tortured mind and break Laura’s hold on the family for good, devises a chilling plan

When a serial killer called The Cur starts targeting girls who “don’t know their place,” 13-year-old Lila Sawyer and her famous artist mother, Caroline, as past demons become a present threat, must fight the source of an oppressive power to its evil core.

Part queer modern gothic, part ghost story, the debut novel “They Drown Our Daughters” explores the depths of motherhood, identity, and the lengths a woman will go to hold on to both. Put your hold on Monroe’s follow-up book, “Graveyard of Lost Children” now!

Reassessing her relationship with both food and people, perpetually hungry Lydia, a mixed race vampire, must reconcile the conflicts within her—between her demon and human sides—to exist in the world. A great debut literary novel.