Blown Away by Sharon Sala

While gale force winds and snow are slamming into the sides of your home, reading about a tornado and its aftermath probably isn’t the best idea – it makes one a wee bit nervous. But the weather does contribute to the reading experience!

Cari North is walking through the woods by her Louisiana home thinking about her next mystery novel when she comes upon a man, her neighbor and ex-fiance, digging a grave, quite obviously for the dead man on the ground beside him. Needless to say, she panics and runs home, just as a tornado devastates her family home and kills her entire family. To protect herself from the murderer as she hunts for proof of his crime she assumes the identity of her cousin who was killed in the tornado. Will she manage to catch a killer before he catches her?

This is a romantic suspense book with undertones of grief. Cari has lost all she knows and is falling in love all in the same week. The author does an admirable job making Cari’s reactions believable and at the same time plots an engaging suspense story.