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Birders: The Central Park Effect (Documentary – About Birds!)

//Birders: The Central Park Effect (Documentary – About Birds!)

Birders: The Central Park Effect (Documentary – About Birds!)

Birders: The Central Park Effect (Documentary – About Birds!)

Have aspirations of becoming a birder? Look no further for inspiration! This documentary takes you full circle through a year of birdwatching in Central Park. Fun fact: a quarter of the birds found in the continental United States pass through (or sometimes nest) in Central Park. I was surprised to see a wild turkey show up on the screen!

It’s great to see all this urbanites get excited about birds. Now that I’m actually looking for them I have to admit it is great to see them and be able to tell them apart. I love walking through the woods and hearing the birdsong this time of year. Of course there is some sad news, like the decline in the general bird population, but overall the message is clear — nature is exciting, beautiful and no matter where you are, it’s there!

Check out the special features, the filmmakers put together a short film with footage of different birds all clearly labeled. A great resource for beginner birders!

Warning note: this is another film that requires cat supervision. They may try to grab, pet, chase and/or rub against the birds on screen. Trust me. 

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