Big Egos by S.G. Browne

Would you like to be a famous person or fictional character for a day?  James Dean, Elvis, Marilyn, Indiana Jones, Jessica Rabbit: you can be any one of them!  All you need to do is inject an EGO – it will slightly alter your DNA for a short period of time changing your facial features slightly (so pick an ego that somewhat matches your look) and your personality (only the good points, not the bad).  Sounds great right?  Maybe not.  It’s been three years since EGOs went on the market and some side effects are coming to light.  Like death.  Not good.  The main character, and EGO employee, is trying to figure out what’s going on as the EGOs he’s injected over the years meld and start to overtake his own ego.

I really enjoyed Browne’s first book Breathers and when I saw this one come out it sounded strange, so I decided to read it too!  It’s a really quick-paced read with tons of movie, music and literary references.  Great escapism that I can only hope never comes to be.