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“Beach Read” by Emily Henry

//“Beach Read” by Emily Henry

“Beach Read” by Emily Henry

Beach Read” by Emily Henry 

Reviewed by Yvonne Selander, collection development librarian

January Andrews is not having a good year. She’s a romance writer who has lost her belief in love and happily ever after — and she has promised a book to her publisher in three months. That’s why she’s moved into the house on Lake Michigan. A house she needs to sell because it is a large reminder of exactly why she doesn’t believe in love anymore.

Of course her next door neighbor would be the wildly successful literary author Augustus Everett. The man she crushed on in college who seemed to hate her guts until that one frat party where they danced the night away. Turns out Gus is suffering from writer’s block and a looming deadline too.

January and Gus make a bet — he has to write a romance and she has to try her hand at depressing literary fiction. Can they change their style? Can they write their books? Can they survive the summer without falling in love?

I’ve been really lucky with the awesome book picks I’ve been making. This is such a fun read that is also a serious exploration of heartache, healing and writer’s block. I felt like I really got to know January and Gus and I would like to be friends with them. I rooted for them to get together and I also hoped they would learn to forgive those they love and themselves along the way. This is the quintessential beach read for those that want a little “more” with their relaxation reading.

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