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“Bats at the Beach” by Brian Lies

//“Bats at the Beach” by Brian Lies

“Bats at the Beach” by Brian Lies

“Bats at the Beach” by Brian Lies

Review by Amy Atzert, collection development librarian

The bat family can’t wait to get to their favorite place “where land and foamy ocean meet.” They travel at night when the moon is high to get to the sandy shore. The trip is complete with buckets, trowels, blankets and their favorite food. They dig in the sand, play games, surf the tide, and even “bury friends from chin to knee, and get scratchy where no sand should be.” This family won’t be eating sandwiches and potato chips. Instead, the menu will be beetles, ants, and milkweed bugs. Back home they go worn and weary to snuggle together and dream about their perfect night at the beach.  

The rhyming text makes this silly and whimsical story the perfect read aloud. The darker illustrations give you the nighttime feel, but still allow you to see every detail of the bat family’s adventure. Read this story over and over for lots of family fun. 

Check out two more titles in Brian Lies’s bat series “Bats at the Library” and “Bats at the Ballgame”. You might also enjoy these other beach stories for younger readers:

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