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Authority by Jeff VanderMeer

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Authority by Jeff VanderMeer

Authority by Jeff VanderMeer
Control, the chosen nickname of John Rodriguez, has just been promoted to the Director of the Southern Reach after the former director failed to return from an expedition to Area X.  All is not well in this remote outpost, nothing is as it seems on the surface and numerous factions appear to be a work behind the scenes.  Will Control gain control?  Or will the Southern Reach control him?
This is the second entry in the popular Southern Reach trilogy.  I thought I was lost after finishing the first book in the series.  I couldn’t have been more wrong.  I am MORE lost than I was before!  It is a great listen, but you should start with Annihilation.  Not that it will help all that much.  You’ll just be more grounded in the world, not that you’ll know what’s going on.  Still I WANT to know what is going on and am waiting to listen to the third entry: Acceptance.
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