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Artemis by Andy Weir

Artemis by Andy Weir

Jazz doesn’t want much from life. She wants an apartment with a bathroom and a real bed instead of the coffin-like structure she currently sleeps in. She wants to somehow make things right with her dad after the major screw up she made as a stupid teenager. But she needs to make money to make her dreams come true. She has a legitimate job, and her lucrative sideline as a smuggler, but it’s not enough. When a job with an amazing payday comes her way, even though it is dangerous and extremely illegal, she leaps at the opportunity. Now she just has to figure out how to pull this job off without getting caught and deported to Earth. Yes, Earth. Jazz lives on Artemis, the first city on the moon, and she loves her home, she’s never known any other, and she’ll do everything she can to protect it and stay there!

Of course there is a lot of science in this book, just like there was in the author’s bestselling first book The Martian, but there are no potatoes and the heist takes center stage here. It reminded me of the heist movies like The Italian Job but on the moon which lends its own special quirks to the action. It was great to see such a diverse cast of characters and that Artemis is set to Kenyan time with all passenger, goods and tourist transport leaving out of Nairobi.

Jazz is a criminal with a strict moral code and I certainly hope that this book is only the beginning of her story. Place your holds now — this book comes out November 14th!

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