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American Male Private Investigators

//American Male Private Investigators

American Male Private Investigators

The Mysterious Mornings group met this morning and talked about their favorite mysteries starring American Male PIs. If it was mystery or thriller and it featured a main character that was male and employed as a private investigator, it fit this month’s subgenre.

Here are the group favorites listed by author and their series main character:

  • Belzer, Richard (Richard Belzer)
  • Chandler, Raymond (Philip Marlowe)
  • Coleman, Reed Farrel (Moe Prager)
  • Cussler, Clive (Isaac Bell)
  • Deutermann, P.T. (Cam Richter)
  • Gallison, Kate (Nick Magaracz)
  • Greenleaf, Stephen (John Marshall Tanner)
  • Lescroart, John (Wyatt Hunt)
  • Maleeny, Tim (Cape Weathers)
  • Mosley, Walter (Easy Rawlins)
  • Parker, Robert B. (Spenser)
  • Spiegelman, Peter (John March)
  • Spillane, Mickey (Mike Hammer)
  • Tierney, Ronald (Dietrich Shanahan)
  • Tremblay, Paul (Mark Genevich)
  • Vachss, Andrew H. (Burke)

Interesting in joining in on a Mysterious Morning discussion? A list of suggested authors and titles are available at the Bridgewater Library and books will be on display about a month prior to the discussion. (If you’re a voracious mystery reader you can read more than one.) Our next theme/subgenre is Dogs and Cats Solving Mysteries Together!

If it’s a mystery and it features a main character that is not human, then it fits this month’s sub-genre. Just keep in mind how main character’s species affects the unfolding of the mystery because that’ll be a major talking point at our discussion on Wednesday, May 18th at 9:30am at the Bridgewater Library.

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