Age of Cage” by Keith Phipps

Review by Laura Frantz, collection development librarian

A few years ago, there was the McConaissance (The resurgence of Matthew McConaughey and his acting career). Now, we have entered the “Age of Cage,” a period of appreciation for actor Nicholas Cage. Author Kevin Phipps examines Cage’s four decades in Hollywood with a focus on some of his most memorable roles. Phipps breaks down many key films where Cage’s characterizations often earned him awe and ire from creators, co-stars and critics.

Phipps delves into Cage’s career from his start as an indie darling to Academy Award winner to action star to direct-to-video mainstay and his big screen comeback. He also looks at how Cage’s childhood, personal life and reported eccentricities have impacted Cage’s career for good or bad. This is a fascinating retrospective of a gifted actor always willing to take risks. The Complete Cageography at the end perfectly encapsulates the long strange trip of this unique talent.