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Contact a branch near you

Bridgewater Library 908-526-4016
Bound Brook Memorial Library 732-356-0043
Hillsborough Library 908-369-2200
Manville Public Library 908-722-9722
Mary Jacobs Memorial Library 609-924-7073
North Plainfield Memorial Library 908-755-7909
Peapack & Gladstone Library 908-234-0598
Somerville Public Library 908-725-1336
Warren Township Library 908-754-5554
Watchung Library 908-561-0117

*All email addresses end in

Administration and System-Wide Services

Brian Auger, County Library Administrator 908-605-6001
W. Keith McCoy, Director of Public Service 908-526-4016 ext. 4931
Edward Hoag, Area Manager – Central
(Bridgewater, Peapack & Gladstone, Somerville)
908-526-4016 ext. 8416
Lauren Ryan, Area Manager – East
(Warren Township, Bound Brook, North Plainfield, Watchung)
908-754-5554 ext. 8451
Karen Pifher, Area Manager – South
(Hillsborough, Manville, Mary Jacobs)
908-369-2200 ext. 8421
Selwa Shamy, Support Services Manager 908-526-4016 ext. 4932
Jessica Trujillo, System Youth Services Manager 908-526-4016 ext. 4933
Brian Morgan, Finance Director 908-526-4016 ext. 8402
Deanna Rivera, Human Resources Director 908-526-4016 ext. 8407
Carolann DeMatos, Marketing & Public Relations Director 908-507-1849
Lynn Hoffman, Director of Operations 908-526-4016 ext. 4940
Wendy Clarkson, Automation Manager 908-526-4016 ext. 4942
Rebecca Sloat, Technical Services Manager
(Materials Acquisitions, Cataloging, Processing)
908-526-4016 ext. 4946
Richard Loomis, Digital Services Manager 908-526-4016 ext. 4945
Yvonne Selander, Collection Development Manager
(Materials Selection)
908-526-4016 ext. 4943
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