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A Rose By Any Other Name…

//A Rose By Any Other Name…

A Rose By Any Other Name…

…couldn’t possibly be much more exciting!

Juliet by Anne Fortier

I was expecting a retelling of the Romeo and Juliet story with a touch of romance and (hopefully) a happy ending. And yes, I did get that from Fortier’s debut novel, but I also got a whole lot of action and suspense. I read somewhere that this was the “thinking woman’s Da Vinci Code” and I couldn’t agree more.

Julie Jacobs heads to Italy after the reading of her aunt’s will to open her late mother’s safety deposit box. So starts the hunt for the treasure! It turns out that Romeo and Juliet was based on actual star-crossed lovers from Siena, and that Julie is a descendant of the real Juliet. (Shakespeare made-up the Verona part plus quite a few other details.)

If you want an edge of your seat story with a lot of history, puzzles and a touch of romance, you can’t go wrong with this one.

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