A Conspiracy of Faith: A DepartmentQ Novel by Jussi Alder-Olsen

Carl Morck and the rest of Copenhagen’s Department Q (that would be the two other members, Assad and Rose) are intrigued by a recent find.  Police in Scotland found a plea for help in a bottle a long time ago and only recently sent it to Denmark (since the language is Danish).  Because the note is so old it’s sent to the cold case squad of Department Q.  Rose and Assad are trying their best to decipher the letter and are making great progress.  Meanwhile, the reader knows that the kidnapper, turned killer, is right now holding two more children hostage.  It is only a matter of time before the message-sender’s fate becomes that of the kidnapped children. 

I am a huge fan of the Department Q novels and was eagerly awaiting the third in the series on audiobook.  I love the accents the reader switches between – it really brings the characters to life.  I found myself bringing the discs from my car, to my house, back to my car, just so I could keep listening for every second I could.  Following the kidnapper/killer in alternating chapters with Department Q’s investigation is enough to give you heart palpitations towards the end.  Add that with the joys (sarcastically speaking) of Carl’s home life and this is a great addition to the already wonderful series.  This is a page turner (disc changer!) that will keep you hooked.