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Dirty Dancing at Devil’s Leap by Julie Ann Long

Dirty Dancing at Devil’s Leap by Julie Ann Long



Avalon Harwood is having a really bad day. Rather than deal with life at the moment she flees to her safe place. Home. Her childhood home in Hellcat Canyon, California. She knows she should be managing her startup tech company with her brilliant boyfriend but he can handle the responsibility for a while, especially since he’s the one she can’t deal with at the moment. Soon after she arrives home she finds out that the mansion down the road (next door but still far) is going up for auction the following morning. She was only in that house once and she has mostly fond memories of Mac Coltrane, the boy who spent his summers there until he broke her heart into a million pieces. So, naturally she goes to the auction the next morning and outbids all the competition. She’s thrilled that the property comes with the groundskeeper for the rest of the year until she meets the groundskeeper, who also happens to be the man she outbid: Mac Coltrane.

This is a romance so you know these two are going to get together at the end, but it’s such a fun time. There are always misunderstandings in romances that drive me nuts because most of the time if the two characters just had a conversation the next two hundred pages of hurt feelings wouldn’t be necessary. In this book the misunderstanding happened a decade or so ago when they were teenagers so they are trying to heal old wounds as well as get to know each other once again. The knowledge they have of each other from the past works well to ramp up the banter and practical jokes the two play on each other as Avalon tries to get the house ready to resell and Mac does his best to convince her to sell it to him.

I really enjoyed the chemistry between these two and if you’re looking for a contemporary romance this is a really fun one. This is the third in the series so there is more to like where this one came from!

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