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Ordinary Thunderstorms by William Boyd

Adam Kindred, climatologist, is looking for a fresh start. He leaves the United States for London and has just had a very successful job interview. He decides to have dinner at a small Italian restaurant where he strikes up a conversation with a fellow solo diner, Philip Wang, who accidentally leaves a folder behind when he goes. Conveniently Philip’s contact information is inside the folder and Adam calls and decides to return it on his way back to his lodgings since the flat is on his way. When Adam arrives at Philip’s apartment the door is open and a groan is heard from inside. He enters the apartment to investigate and sees Philip sprawled out across his bed with a bread knife in his gut.

There you have the first seven or so pages of the book. What follows is the story of an ordinary man enveloped in extraordinary circumstances trying to discover who killed Philip while trying to remain anonymous in a city of millions – a task that we find out is harder than you’d think. If you like thrillers with multiple plots intersecting, this may be a book for you.

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