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Left to Die by Lisa Jackson

A serial killer is hunting his prey on the remote back roads of Montana. He shoots out the tire of a vehicle driven by a woman alone so they lose control of their cars and crash into the ditches and woods off the road. Then, he “rescues” them from their mangled vehicles and nurses them back to health in a remote cabin claiming that he cannot get them to a hospital because of the weather and downed trees on the roads. While nursing their injuries he gets these women to trust him, to even start falling in love with him, and then he marches them unclothed into the frigid Montana woods, ties them to a tree, and leaves them to die.

We follow the lives of two detectives searching for the killer and Jillian, a woman who has just been rescued from a car wreck. Will the detective’s find the killer before another life is claimed by the elements? Is Juillian in the hands of a good samaritan, or a devious killer? This book has one of the best cliffhanger endings ever. Be sure to have Chosen to Die on hand so you can start it as soon as you finish this edge-of-your-seat tale!

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