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Labor Day
Joyce Maynard

Henry is a typical young boy dealing with the onslaught of puberty. His home life is not typical. His mom and dad divorced and since that time his mom just hasn’t been like the other moms. It’s gotten so they eat soup and fish sticks night after night because his mom can’t face leaving the house. He only sees his dad on vacations with his “new” family and at the weekly dinners out at Friendly’s. Until Labor Day weekend comes around. Henry begs his mother to take him to Pricemart for school clothes and they come home with Frank, an escaped convict who half-heartedly takes them hostage. Frank is everything Henry ever wanted; he teaches him how to play baseball better, fixes things around the house, and best yet, he takes care of Henry’s mom so he doesn’t have to.

Henry is overjoyed to have someone take over taking care of his mom, but he’s worried about losing his place in her heart as well. If you enjoyed Atonement you will really like this book.

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