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Not My Daughter
Barbara Delinsky

At the core of this book are three teenaged girls. All are bright, have stable home lives, and are genuinely happy individuals. Why then, do they decide to make a pregnancy pact at age seventeen? Their reasoning for getting pregnant and the consequences of their actions, not only for themselves, but their families and those around them is explored in depth by the author.

Delinsky has the thought processes and reasoning of teenagers perfect. For example, one of the pregnant girls can’t understand why the town is upset with her mother for a decision she made with her friends. Her mother is the principal of the local high school; a woman who herself had a child at seventeen, and fought hard for a clinic within the school where kids could get advice and free condoms. As adults we ask ourselves, how could this teen NOT see how these circumstances would affect her mother? Not My Daughter is a thought provoking and discussion worthy book.

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