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Getting Over Mr. Right by Chrissie Manby
This is the quintessential guide of what NOT to do if you are dumped, especially if, like Ashleigh, you are dumped by your Mr. Right on Facebook.  I think it’s safe to say that most of us would give up on a guy who dumped us so publically and impersonally but Ashleigh is convinced that he was the ONE.  (As a reader we are certain from the beginning that he’s a ZERO.  But let’s face it there is no way to explain love.)  This is the story of Ashleigh’s meltdown and catastrophic ideas to get Mr. Right back right now.  She resorts to stalking, interesting beauty parlor choices and voodoo to get him back.  She manages to lose her job, her best friend and her apartment in the process.  Ashleigh is a mess, but she is a likeable mess as she ping pongs from one wild mishap to another.  And the book features the best use of a Sharpie pen ever.
In true chick lit fashion all comes out pretty much okay at the end but it is a wild ride getting there.  It’s not out until July 10th so place your hold on this perfect beach read now.
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