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The Garden Intrigue by Lauren Willig
Emma, a young widowed American in favor with the Napoleonic family, finds herself tasked with writing and organizing a masque for a celebration at Napoleon’s summer house.  Augustus Whittlesby is an English spy masquerading as a very (VERY) bad poet who insinuates himself into the production as co-writer so he can be closer to the action.  Things are getting dicey with Napoleon declaring himself Emperor and Robert Fulton being at court with rumors of a device.  What device?  Could this device mean war between France and England?  And will Emma and Augustus be able to see through the masks they wear to the individuals underneath?
I am a huge fan of the Pink Carnation series and I’ve been listening since the first one came out in 2005.  Willig does not disappoint with the eighth in the series, she writes a fresh new book every time.  Yes, the book always ends happily, it is after all a romance, but it’s the twists and turns on the way to the happily ever after which make it so enjoyable.
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