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Carry the One by Carol Anshaw
Five people are leaving a wedding when the car accident occurs.  The new bride noticed that the car didn’t have its lights on when it left but didn’t try to chase them down.  The driver was high and so was her boyfriend, the front seat passenger.  Two of the people in the backseat (the sisters of the bride and groom) are too focused on each other to notice their surroundings.  The fifth passenger is lost in his own thoughts.  A child, walking in the middle of the road, is struck by the car and killed.  
This is the story of how that accident affects the lives of all the people in the car, the bride, and the family of the young girl who was killed.  It shows how even those not legally responsible still feel the weight of their responsibility and cope with it through their lives.  This is an interesting psychological delving into the minds of individuals touched by tragedy and how they face life after. 
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