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The Expats by Chris Pavone
Kate is the mother of two young boys and the wife of a wonderful man.  When her husband proposes that she quit her job writing briefs for the government and become a full-time mom in Luxemburg she is a little hesitant.  But after considering it for a few days she decides it’s a great opportunity for her and her family.  And she hasn’t really enjoyed her job for a long time.  The problem is Kate doesn’t have the job her husband thinks she does.  She is a CIA agent, out of the field, but an agent nonetheless.  And while she does quit she can never leave the life entirely behind.  She is suspicious of her new friends, of random meetings and, most disturbingly, her husband.  Where does he work and what does he do all day?  Does she want to learn his secrets?  And if she uncovers his secrets will she need to reveal her own?
This is a classic spy novel.  The stereotypical spy movie catch phrase – Don’t Trust Anyone –definitely applies here.  If you like your novels twisty and turny, making you doubt everything on every page, you’ll find an engrossing read here.
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