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Stay Close by Harlan Coben
If you’ve left your past in the past should the people in your present hold it against you?  Megan is living a comfortable upper-middle class life in suburban New Jersey.  She’s married to a wonderful man and has two wonderful boys.  One day, her past comes knocking.  Seventeen years ago Megan, then going by the name of Cassie, was an exotic dancer in Atlantic City.  It was a life she loved and misses, but she has moved on.  She had to.  She witnessed something the night she fled her former life that she has been running from ever since.  It has finally caught up to her.
While constructing an edge of your seat thriller Coben also addresses some interesting questions.  Can you ever leave your past behind you?  Does your past matter?  And do the people from your past mean as much to you as you do to them?  Scott Brick, one of my all time favorite audiobook narrators, does this one and he really makes the less glitzy part of Atlantic City come to life.
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