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Sunrise Point by Robyn Carr
Reviewed by Cassandra, Collection Management Librarian
Tom Cavanaugh thought he wanted to escape from his family’s apple orchard business so he joined the Marines. After his two years, he decided the last thing he wanted to do was be anywhere else but home. Nora Crane has had a tough life to be so young but she is filled with determination and resolve to make the best of it for her two young daughters.

When the Cavanaughs posted a notice at the church for apple pickers, Nora jumped at the opportunity to have a pretty decent paying job for a change. Tom Cavanaugh took one look at her and turned her down. His grandmother, Maxie, intervenes and Nora is hired. And so begins the transformation of Tom and Nora’s lives.

There is secondary story involving Luke and one of his former Army buddies, Hank Cooper, that had the makings of something pretty interesting but fell flat by the end of the book. I’m hoping that Hank will be resurrected in a future story but I was disappointed in this storyline.

Overall, this is a pretty solid addition to the series, even though it won’t be in my top favorites. Nora and Tom are really likable characters, even though he could be rather dense at times. 

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