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Cooking Up a Mystery
This Mysterious Mornings group met yesterday and talked about their favorite culinary mysteries.  Here is the list of group favorites by author and sleuth:
  • Childs, Laura (Theodosia Browning)
  • Coyle, Cleo (Clare Cosi)
  • Crosby, Ellen (Lucie Montgomery)
  • Daheim, Mary (Judith McMonigle Flynn)
  • Fluke, Joanne (Hannah Swenson)
  • Hyzy, Julie (Olivia Paras)
  • Jaffarian, Sue Ann (Emma Whitecastle)
  • Lipperman, Liz (Clueless Cook Mysteries)
  • Loehfelm, Bill (Maureen Coughlin)
  • MacInerney, Karen (Natalie Barnes)
  • McKevett, G.A. (Savannah Reid)
Interested in joining a Mysterious Mornings discussion?  A list of suggested authors and titles are available at the Bridgewater Library and books will be on display about a month prior to the discussion.  (If you’re a voracious mystery reader you can read more than one!  Our next theme/subgenre is New England Mysteries.)
If it’s a mystery and it takes place in New England, hen it fits this month’s subgenre.  Just keep in mind how the location affects the mystery because that’ll be a major talking point at our discussion in July.  (The meeting will be on Wednesday, July 11th at 9:30am at the Bridgewater Library.)
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