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Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein
Reviewed by Cassandra, Collection Management Librarian

Code Name Verity has been getting some high praise and after reading it this weekend I can honestly say it is one of the most unique young adult books I have read.  

The story is told in journal entries; to be specific, a confession.  Verity is being kept prisoner at the Gestapo headquarters and to buy herself time she convinces the Haupsturmfuhrer to let her write out her story.  The confession is a mix of past and present and sometimes Verity is cut off in the middle. Verity also tells her story from her best friend Maddie’s point of view.  For a good portion of the book you don’t even know who Verity really is but there are some clues that lead you to her identity. The second half of the book is told by Maddie, who is a much more reliable narrator.

Verity herself is amazing.  She’s brave, strong, smart, kind, and funny.   Be sure to have a box of tissues handy. 
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