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Fated by Benedict Jacka
Fans of Jim Butcher take notice!  Alex Verus and Harry Dresden are made from the same mold.  Verus doesn’t advertise in the phone book, but he does run a magic shop in the heart of London.  A diviner he can see how the future will progress based on the choices he makes.  This skill makes him a hot commodity when a Precursor object of power comes to light and everyone in the mage community wants Verus on their side.
This is definitely a fantasy book.  There is magic (a lot of it), curses, elementals and mystical objects.  I especially like the way the author handles how Verus is able to see into the future and change his path – and if he is unable it makes sense why not!  This is accessible fantasy though.  If you’re willing to suspend your disbelief and go with it, it reads like a mystery. 
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