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Catch Me by Lisa Gardner
D.D. Warren is having a heck of a time easing back into her job as a Boston detective after maternity leave.  Her first case seems to be the vigilante style killing of pedophiles.  True, a serial killer may be at work, but is it actually a bad thing?  While investigating at one of the crime scenes D.D. meets Charlene Rosalind Carter Grant.  Charlie wants to meet the Detective who will be investigating her murder since she’s sure she’ll be dead by strangulation in four days.  D.D. isn’t used to be interviewed by potential “clients” and has to figure out whether Charlie is sane or not.  Also how her two cases may be connected before time runs out.
I’ll admit it.  Lisa Gardner’s mind scares me.  How does she think up these plots?  She amazes me every time and hooks me every time as well.  GREAT on audio.
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